3 Cushions Cover Trends to Look Out for in 2015

Cushions are a staple for any home; they blend elements of comfort and style into every living room. The kind of covers you clothe your cushions in have the magical ability to set the personality and feel of your home.

It’s almost the end of 2014, and it’s time to take a sneak peek into the kind of cushion covers that are in store for us next year. Tracking global research and trends, we’ve put together 3 trends that you must know about.

Tropical Theme

Cushion Covers seem to have taken some inspiration from the global fashion circuit for next year. Tropical themes are touted to be quite the rage. Covers will feature nature’s best in oversized, bright, psychedelic prints, along with toned down versions of the same. Prepare your home decor to look like it’s just returned from a tropical holiday!

tropical-cushions-palm-leaf-design-island-home-emporiumSource: homegirllondon.com


tropical-cushions-palm-tree-blue-samantha-emmaSource: homegirllondon.com

Geometrical Theme

Next year is going to be all about bringing your love for shapes to your cushions. We are seeing designs that amalgamate modern free formed shapes along with constructed prints. Think vibrant colours and layers of random geometric shapes. This pattern comes with absolutely no rules attached.


 Jungle Theme

Get ready to embrace your wild side, because 2015 is coming in with a roar. Next year, don’t be surprised to see animal motifs on cushions covers – birds and wild beasts will be taking over homes around the world. But it’s not necessarily as frightening as it sounds, jungle themes can be fun if they are handled with care. We see animal prints going two ways, infused with the contemporary pop art and executed with vintage colours and styles.

trend-oneSource: writeontrend.com

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