4 Easy Sofa-Cushion Combinations | Pick your style

A sofa is generally the main star of your living room; it takes centre stage and outshines everything else in the area. The criteria for the selection of surrounding curtains, carpets, cushions covers, lamp shades are all dependent on how much it compliments your sofa.

The easiest way to make your sofa look comfortable and chic is with cushions. We’ve listed down 4 fun ways to pair your sofa with cushions to give it that stylish finish.

Worldly Collection

If you’re the kind who doesn’t mind mix and match, lots of colours, variety of designs and patterns then you must try the worldly wise sofa look. This look requires textiles and patterns ethnic to different parts of the world.

The key to harmonizing the entire look is to pick one colour that will anchor the collection. Safest picks are black or cream, since they are very commonly used in cushions covers. Pick up cushions covers on your travel next time, stay true to the culture of the place you are visiting and don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes.


Source: www.pinterest.com

Texture Mixture

If too many colours is not your thing and you’d rather stick to one, there is a risk of your sofa becoming visually uninteresting and monotonous. We’ve figured out a way you can hold a middle ground – keep one coloured cushions, but play with textures. Throw in some small crochet cushions or just that one frilly cover to add an element of surprise.

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Source: peppercream.tumblr.com

Pattern Pairs

If one is too less and 3 are too many, then two is company for your sofa cushions. This styling revolves around patterns. Once you have a suitable colour theme in mind, pick out one pair of covers with a distinct pattern and the other can be a soothing plain one. Pair them and place them strategically on your sofa, plain cushion at the back and preferably smaller sized patterned cushion in front. This will keep your sofa looking clean and classy.

shag-navy-pillows-white-sofa-0211-deSource: www.housebeautiful.com

Shapes and Sizes

It’s not just all about colours and patterns; another easy way to spice up your sofa is by experimenting with shapes. Give up on the boring square cushions that have been on your sofas for years. Make it interesting with round, rectangular or other whimsical shaped cushions (We’ve seen some lovely heart shaped, cloud shaped covers). Even adding one differently shaped cushion is enough to make your sofa set look like a whole lot of fun.

fe403b4ebe82c474b1384b03230cebe0Source: www.bess.net

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