7 Qualities to Look For in a Good Home Textile Supplier

In  the Home Textile business, retailers often focus all their efforts on the customer, and why shouldn’t they? After all, they are the final consumer. But how will you sustain their happiness without establishing a good supplier base? It is very important to find a good supplier because honestly, too much depends on them.

So, let’s find out what really defines a good supplier, if you find one that encompasses all the qualities below, hold on tight because he’s a keeper!

1. On Time: Time is money. A good supplier will always deliver on time. Delayed delivery of products sets into motion a domino effect that leads to increased costs, inventory and storage issues, business losses and more. If your supplier doesn’t understand the importance of time, don’t waste yours on them.

2. Technology leaders: In today’s world, technology can help solve many of the inefficiencies and problems that plagued this trade a few decades ago. Technology can be incorporated to improve communication, to test product parameters and also get accurate product approvals. The best suppliers are making technology an integral part of their workflow.

3. Flexible: Good suppliers are flexible. They aren’t fixated on their own ideas and rigid about ways of work. If there is a demand for certain kind of fabric or design they should be open to working around it. They are also flexible when it comes to business practices, the good suppliers are often early adopters and like to keep up with new, modern business practices, technology that can improve their business.

4. Communicate Effectively: A good supplier will ensure lines of communication are always open. They listen, they respond well to feedback, they keep their customers updated and in the loop. Clear communication can often solve 50% of problems. The best suppliers usually respond within hours of receiving an inquiry, and our always available to service their customers over the phone or even WhatsApp.

5. Can Do Attitude: A good supplier will always have a positive, can do attitude. They will want to exceed the bare minimal requirements and when required go the extra mile for the customer.

6. Certified: A good supplier will have all his certifications in place. (Read full article on Must Have Certifications for a Home Textile Supplier)

7. Honest and Ethical: We have left the most important quality for last. It is absolute critical that you can trust your supplier to be honest and ethical. There are many suppliers that are not transparent in their dealings, and often play with the quality or contents of an article after receiving approvals. This can be very dangerous to your business.

Having said that, it is okay to expect the aforementioned qualities out of a good supplier but it is also important to remember to be a good customer.

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