8 Inventive Uses of a Kitchen Towel

Everyone’s got Kitchen Towels. It is one of the most essential linen to have around in the kitchen. We mostly use it to dry dishes or wipe our hands, but we bet you didn’t know there were so many inventive uses of a kitchen towel. Enlighten yourself!

1. Use them as Pot Holders


Source: www.babble.com

2. With amazing designs on kitchen towels these days, you can use them for decorative purposes too


Source: www.remodelista.com

3. Use Kitchen Towels as waist aprons just by adding a belt


Source: www.babble.com

4. Kitchen Towels can keep your bread fresher for longer


Source: www.studiopatro.com

5. Keep food warm by wrapping them in kitchen towels


Source: www.babble.com

6. Wrap presents with pretty kitchen towels


 Source: www.thekitchn.com

7. Keep leafy vegetables fresh and crisp in tea towels


Source: www.babble.com

8. Keep leftovers in the fridge moist by covering them with kitchen towels


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Have a look at some of our Kitchen Towels:

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