Artist Paintings in Home Textile

Artist Paintings in Home Textile

Pictures and art have always added that extra allure to dull homes. They are bolder, breezier and makes the space look charming in their own right. However, a recent trend that has caught fancies all over the world is adapting famous artist paintings into home textile items.

Today a Van Gogh looks just as appealing on a curtain, as it did on the wall a few years ago.

While the Mona Lisa can be a shower curtain, Andy Warhol looks classy on a cushion and a Monet brightens up a bedspread!

What is it that makes art so attractive? Why has traditional art and form blurred itself into our senses? The answer is simple- Diffusion. Changing times have demanded varied interests. As conformities of art and architecture are blurring, we see adaptations (More so in our personal spaces)

Adaptations of these masterpieces are seen as a tribute to the artists. They are affordable and spark up the interiors. From living rooms to bathrooms and bedrooms, these art pieces can find space in every corner.

We curate a few, which are slowly gaining popularity.

Cushions:  Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol paintings are very famous on cushions. Occasionally a Monet can be spotted too.




Curtains: Be them in any part of the house, curtains add that special, warm feel. Andy Warhol and Da Vinci are famous as curtain pieces.



Bedspreads, quilts: Artwork that is well spaced and structured is widely used on larger textiles like bedspreads, quilts etc. These prints allow the furniture around it to look bigger and sunnier.  Monet, Da Vinci’s paintings find their existence on many beds and mattresses now.



Rugs and carpets: Claude Monet would have never imagined, in his wildest dreams, that his work would one day inspire rugs and carpets. But it did, and there has been a furor over it.


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