Trend Alert: Embossed Suede in Home Textiles

Suede is a very sought after fabric in the textile industry, it has become a way to create a fashion statement for homes around the globe. Suede is known for its smooth and napped finish. It is generally made of the underside of the skin of lamb, goat, calf or deer. It then undergoes a process of tanning, and therefore, do not contain the tough skin layer. This makes suede is softer than the standard leather.


Method of creating Embossed Suede Fabrics



Suede can be embossed with a variety of designs. Embossing on suede is a very simple which can be achieved by stamping, hammering or pressing a pre-designed shape into the leather that leaves an indent in the leather.

However, on a larger scale, embossed fabrics are created by applying a design with heated engraved calendars. Embossed printing uses special dyes and pigments to create a relief surface.

Pros of Embossed Suede Fabrics for home decor

 When designing a home, smart customers don’t decide based on looks solely, quality of the product matters too. For many, suede is a popular choice for its classy appearance and durability. Here are some reasons why embossed suede fabric is popular home textiles.

  1. Embossed suede fabric on cushions, sofas, curtains feel great on the skin, their soft velvety texture adds a comfort factor to cushions and sofas
  2. Most users have spoken about the easy maintenance of this fabric. A simple cleaning detergent can keep the suede fresh.

Embossed Suede Fabric in Home Textiles

Have a look at a how embossed suede can compliment your home.






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