Evergreen Pastel Colour Trends

Pastel colours bring calmness and serenity into the home and for this reason they never really go out of fashion.

The trendy colours garnished with artistic stripes or embroidered squares give a sophisticated and classy touch and are reminiscent of destination vacations.

Some popular trends with Pastel colours are as follows:

Hot colours in the home decor range:

The pastels include blush, sky blue, vanilla, lilac and pale peach, hues traditionally associated with tropical or desert climes. However, ground them with darker shades and they work in a Northern light too.

Coral Reef:
A vibrant variety of colours, Coral Reef is the pick of the trends giving a tropical, beachy feel to the decor. Its popularity amongst the people never fades.

Pairing it with floral hues or white and black bring out its vivacity, while cooler shades like soft grey, butter yellow or driftwood make it come across in a calmer light.

Source: www.countrycurtains.com

Garden Room vibe:

Another famous pastel colour trend is that of the “Standard green”. When complimented with white, it emits a garden room vibe which can then be accentuated with deeper floral tones like peony, daffodil and iris.


Source: www.pabloblue.co.uk


A pale violet floral colour, Lilac is one of those colours that retains its mystique and has that unidentifiable quality about it. It projects luxury, coziness and warmth because of which it is always a welcome addition to the household.


Source: www.etsy.com

Nordic Pastels:

The modern palette of New Nordic Pastels focuses on sublime bright pastel shades, colour-blocked with stark white, neutral beige and refreshing hints of neon. The shades and lines have a cooling effect on the eye making the ambience both simple and stylish.


Source: meonst.com

Black and Deep Navy:

Once seen as edgy and exclusive to the elite stylists, the brave colours of black and deep navy have nevertheless established themselves complimentary to the trendy world of pastels. Aimed to give a sultry, forbidding aura, the colours remind one of the night sky.



Source: www.pinterest.com

Pastels have the qualities of simplicity and sophistication which mean that they will always appeal to the artistically inclined, and for this reason many of its trends remain evergreen.

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