Guide to buying Ironing Board Covers

One of the best ways to add a fresh lease of life into a laundry room is by changing the cover of your Ironing Board. Ironing Board Covers come in a variety of styles and are a very large market across the world.

We have outlined different types of ironing board covers below.

Simple Ironing Board Cover

In its simplest form, an ironing board cover is a simple cloth replacement for ironing boards. It is simply a printed or woven fabric that is cut into the shape of the board and stitched on all sides with either piping or elastic.

These are obviously the most cost effective of IBCs, and provide an easy way to regularly change the look of the laundry room.

Piping styles

Fabric piping



The most common style of piping is with a simple fabric hemmed around the entire edge of the ironing board cover. A drawstring is placed within this hem and can be used to fasten the cover onto the board. Often a drawstring lock is attached to the drawstring so that the cover stays in place.

A range of fabrics, woven and non-woven, can be used for this purpose.




Another popular style of IBCs is with an elasticated piping. Either a bungee rubber is sewn along with the piping or an elasticated drawstring is inserted. With this style of IBC, the cover can just be stretched and snapped on to the ironing board cover. It is easier to switch ironing board covers like this, and can be compared to the convenience of a fitted sheet.

Backing styles

One of the most important factors for an ironing board cover is the material that is used as a backing. Typically, just a cloth IBC is not sufficient to use on a hard Ironing Board. To soften the surface, foam or felt, is laminated to the surface.


Ironing board covers can be flame-laminated with PU foam. The foam can be of varying thickness and density, ranging from 2mm to 6mm. The foam provides a bounce to the ironing board cover.



 The more luxurious Ironing board covers are adhesive-laminated with 100% Polyester Felt. The thickness can vary from 160 GSM to 350 GSM felt. Felt provides the highest smoothness to the ironing board cover, and also has a premium feel to the product.


Premium ironing board covers can have a dual lamination of foam and felt, with the foam sandwiched between the fabric and felt. It provides the bounce of foam and the luxury feel of felt. Best of both worlds!

Heat reflection

To add heat reflection to IBCs, which assists with ironing on both sides of a garment, advanced IBCs have an aluminized coating. This coating can be done on the front or back of the IBC.




There are a range of IBC sizes which correspond to the standardized Ironing Board sizes around the world.

The most common sizes are:

Size Inches Centimeters
A 43 × 12 110 × 30
B 49 × 15 124 × 38
C 49 × 18 124 × 45
D 53 × 18 135 × 45
E 53 × 19 135 × 49

Source: Wikipedia


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