Guide To Buying Table Runners

A table runner is a great way to accessorize your table. It dresses up the centre of the table, running the length, unlike the usual table cloth. This allows for the table’s own character to also shine through, especially if you have a great wooden table. Table runners can help create many different types of looks, ranging from rustic to festive and shabby chic to formal. They weren’t very common before, but now they’ve become very popular. We’ve got for you a really quick guide on how to style, how to choose and how to measure, for the perfect table runner.

How To Style Table Runners

1. They can be used alone or to add depth and creativity, be layered

2. Brighten up any special holidays by using prints and patterns symbolic to a holiday theme



3. Instead of using placemats along with a table runner, it is quite stylish to use the table runners as placemats too. This is possible by placing more than one runner on the table

How To Choose The Right Table Runner

The guidelines are quite simple on selecting the right table runner:

1. Check the length of the table to decide on how long the runner should ideally be

2. Check the width of the table to ensure that the right runner doesn’t look too narrow for the table

3. Decide the runner’s color and fabric based on the type of table – wooden, glass, etc



How To Measure Table Runners

Size, length, width of a table runner is important because a table runner that is too long makes the table look sloppy, on the other hand, if it’s too short your table runner is at the risk of getting lost and not standing out.

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1. Make sure the table doesn’t have anything on it when you measure, you need an open plain surface

2. Extend the measuring tape across the longest length of the table

3. After documenting that measurement, repeat it for the width

4. Generally, 12 to 24 inches should be added to the length measurement to allow for additional length at each end of the table for the cloth to drop over the edges

5. For width, table runners are ideally supposed to be 1/3rd of the width of the table

There are standard sizes too for table runners, they range from widths of 10″-16″ and lengths range from 53″-108″.


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