Home Textile Colour Trends for 2015

We’ve been talking to a lot of industry experts and doing our research, we’ve got some interesting home textile color trends for you. 2015 is going to be all about elevating two colours that belong to completely opposite sides of the colour chart.

Champagne Beige: simple, royal and sophisticated

We’ve got some examples of how champagne beige can take over your home next year. Here’s what you can look forward to:

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Source: www.pinterest.com


Source: tolltalks.tollbrothers.com


Source: www.americanshutters.co.za

China Blue: Quirky, bright and youthful

This colour has something really magnetic about it and can add brighten up any part of the home. Here are some ogle-worthy images that will show you how China Blue could change your home decor landscape


Source: www.centsationalgirl.com

afa3ae2018f08c1020b8d327b9110b52_bestSource: www.horchow.com

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