Must Have Kitchen Linen

If you think your kitchen is perfectly equipped with all the essential linen that contribute to making your kitchen experience smooth, then tally it with our list of Must Haves.


Everyone needs this in the kitchen – call it your protective gear or your style quotient.  There are two main styles for aprons, bib style and waist down aprons. The most common ones are the bib aprons that cover your upper body and lower body as well. The variety is incredible you can easily find one that reflects your personality and style. If you don’t own an apron, we urge you to bump it up to No.1 on your next shopping list.


Oven Gloves

Here is some arm candy that everyone in the kitchen deserves. Oven gloves or mitts make it to our Must Have list for the simple reason that this insulated piece of cloth, mostly cotton, will protect your hands from the heat in your oven, stove or heated cookware. Protect your hands with panache, there are designs made for everyone.


Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towels or Tea Towels are a must have for obvious reasons, drying utensils, wiping kitchen platforms and also drying your hands. Cotton and linen are the most common examples of materials used for kitchen towels. The good news is that they aren’t only used for absorbing water where there shouldn’t be, if you get some interesting colours or prints it could add that extra bit of zazz to your kitchen.


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