Trend Alert: Hand Doodlings in Home Interiors

We’ve seen fashionistas boasting their style in hand doodled prints for a while now. This year we predict Home textiles to be heavily influenced by this quirky pattern. Be it an Indian print, an abstract work of art or meaningless doodles, it is guaranteed to add happy vibes to any home this season.

  1. Hand Doodles on a bedspread



The image above is a simple illustration of doodles. Cotton as a fabric is popular for home textiles with doodle prints. It is touted to go best with solid colours.

  1. Hand Doodles on cushion covers



A splash of colour with a doodle print brightens up any interiors. The pillow cover in the image is an original pen hand drawing. Designers around the world are creating personalized patterns to suit homes all around the globe.

  1. Hand Doodles On a Sofa



Hand doodling has a way to quirk up an ordinary piece of furnishing. It works well to spice up second hand furnishings too.

  1. Hand Doodles On a Chair



A design as simple as the one above is enough to add a sophisticated funk to home furnishings.

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