Trend Alert: Optical Illusions in Home Décor

Amongst other recent developments, optical illusions in home décor is a trend to watch out for in the coming months. Optical-illusion geometrics give textile patterns a modern whimsical look, making it an appeal for up-scale and contemporary home interiors.


To give you an insight on how this art is created, Optical art is produced by the combination of simple geometric shapes, linear patterns and contrasting colours which create different types of optical illusions to the viewers.

Ways to apply Optical Illusion in Home Textiles

  1. Stripes




A playful mix of stripes and patterns makes up for a great optical trend without overdoing the effect.  Combining optical illusions with monotone is something that works well. As seen in the image above, striped cushions with a monotone sofa gives a classy & different appeal to the interiors

  1. Pop Prints



Pop art prints can create amazing optical illusions with their mix of geometric shapes and contrasting colours

  1. Geometric shapes



Geometric shapes on home products are another way to add that optical art in your interiors. Subtle colours with a monotone give an elegant look to your interiors.

  1. Geometric prints belonging to a common colour palette



We’ve spoken about optical illusion prints on home products such as cushions and beddings. It’s interesting to note that a carpet with an optical illusion can add a contemporary look to your interiors. Having the prints belonging to the same colour palette ensure a stylish appeal.

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