Trend Forecast : Apron Designs

Aprons, just like any other garment in the industry have evolved over time to become fashion statements. Today it is not enough if an apron fulfils just its fundamental purpose, the feel and the look of it matter too.
We’ve been noticing global trends for apron designs for a while now. What should you look out for, what prints are going to be popular, which designs will sell, read on for our quick forecast.
Digital Printing:
Digitally printed designs on aprons are going to be big; they have the magical ability of bringing every tiny detail of a design to life. Popular designs and color palettes are inspired by nature and picturesque locations.
apron 1         Picture8
Text Prints:
Much like any other kind of clothing, the modern upbeat, text centric designs have been taking the garment industry by a wave. Apron designs around the globe will also reflect the popularity of this design trend.
Traditional Dyed Aprons:
Plain dyed aprons, although a classic, are being reinvented with designs inspired from various cultures. Our own designs show a touch of Indian traditional prints.

Over all, our trend forecast for Apron designs this season says its going to be all about scenic digital prints, cultural twists, and modern text. Along with this, we are also looking forward to see styles of aprons changing. The industry should soon deter away from classic tie up bib aprons to a more contemporary variety of fabric, trims and accessories for aprons.


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