Types of Aprons

Aprons have been a part of garments for the past 100 years. They are protective garments worn to cover the front of the body. Interestingly, aprons were first won by men that worked in trades and over the years has been absorbed into home garments as well as professional uniforms.

There are various types of aprons depending on the purpose, comfort and of course style.The most fundamental distinction is waist aprons versus bib apron.

Bib Apron

Bib aprons are the most popular in the kitchen. They cover the upper body as well as the lower body. Due to fashion related demands, the bib apron has evolved to offer a variety of designs. There are some that have two ribbons running criss-cross across the back, halter neck tying styles, or simple sleeveless ones too.  These are commonly available in cotton, multifarious colours, patterns and lengths.


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Waist Apron

A waist apron is one that is tied around the waist and covers the body from waist down. Today aprons have come to be known as decorative garments too which allow for the addition of an array of stylish design elements, frills, pockets, buttons. Lengths also vary depending on personal choice, some cover just the thigh area, whereas some aprons run right down to the shin.

Commonly aprons are made out of cotton fabric, but lately they are being experimented with in towel fabrics, denim and more to create a fashion statement.

Patterns and colours are unlimited; floral and fruit are very popular to match it’s use in the kitchen, however neutral designs also available making them unisex.


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