Embossed Suede

We specialize in provide value-added surface effects to our products, and are have several unique products made using a proprietary heat-embossing technique. Typically, we use high-quality polyester suede fabric, and impart a special heat-embossed treatment to it.

We have access to beautiful deep 3D design rolls, that have been imported from specialists. These allow us to provide very interesting designs, such as leather-looking fabrics, animal-skin textures, tree bark designs, and several abstract designs too. Unlike regular embossing, which is typically simple and shallow, these elaborate designs add real value to the product.

Our suede is made of 100% polyester, and can be dyed in absolutely any colour. Further, it undergoes a slow raising process to give a really soft finish to the fabric.

Leather-Look Designs

Amongst our bestsellers is our collection of embossing techniques that impart a leather-look to the faux suede fabric that we used. This is possible due to the deep embossing effect that we impart. They tend to look beautiful in browns, greys and blacks.

Embossing Innovations

We have a wide range of other embossing innovations too. We’re able to emboss similar designs on several other polyester-based fabrics too. In the gallery below, you can see samples of embossing on velvet fabrics, blackout fabrics. Each fabrics has its own character and gives a very different and unique look and feel.

Further, absolutely any colour fabric can be used for this, and therefore these can be used for Spring-Summer or Autumn-Winter seasons.

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