Production facilities


Our Head Office is located in Mumbai, which is the financial and trade capital of the area. This facilitates ease of coordination with buying agents, customers and banks. It also allows Suraaj to recruit from the best design schools in the area.

Suraaj also has production units across the the various centers-of-excellence in the country. The city of Karur is a leader in producing yarn-dyed home textile products, and our state-of-the-art facility there has process and social norm certifications in place.

Units in the Ahmedabad and Surat areas are used for printed and polyester products. More complex products are completed in the Bhiwandi unit – these often require more management involvement, and the proximity to the Head Office allows this.


​We understand the importance of health and safety at the workplace. Our production facilities provide good working environments for the staff, and also cater to the local regulations for social compliance. There has been a conscious effort made to prevent any accidents.

The factory is BSCI Audited and ISO 9001:2008 certified too.